This Project grown from a collaboration with the Berlin based Record Label Arboretum.

It investigates possible interactions between plant’s structures, machines, human beings and sensible datas provided real-time by the audience.

What we have developed is a special software that is able to capture from full body to very itemized face details and re-draw them pursuing the plant’s texture.

Launching can be triggered by the real contact with the plants or simply being automized through the software itself, in order to obtain complex figures and remarkable results in matter of print.

Words: Marco Berardi

Arboretum - Visual Face

Arboretum - Eyes

Arboretum - Body

Arboretum - Body green

Arboretum - Nose


  • Software by Mauro Ferrario

Published 10 June 2015
Tag: arboretum visual, plants, eyes, body, installations