With Corehab we made a project-software, graphic and interface of the product for the rehabilitation and diagnosis Backinaction.

The product uses historical data and exercises to determinate the possibility to come back to play sports again. It can also be used to assess the status of the athlete, providing a value from 1 to 5 for each exercise.

The project is multilingual (italian, english and german).
The project is used in rehabilitation clinics in Austria and Italy.
The project is actually merged into main project Riablo.

Prima pagina - Backinaction

Elenco dei pazienti - Backinaction

Scheda paziente - Backinaction

Scheda esercizio - Backinaction


  • Software by Alessandro Descovi

Published 16 June 2015
Tag: rails, prodotto, riabilitazione, sport, bia, web